Create a new account

Step 1

Click on Sign in   icon located in right hand top corner just under the navigation links.

Step 2

Click on Sign up link from the dropdown lightbox.

Step 3

Fill up the registration form


1. Username can be consists of letters and numbers. This is the unique key use to login to your account.  Enter your email address correctly because you will receive the verification email to this email address.

2. Your password need to be more than 3/5 in strength. We recommend to use over 5. This can be consists of letters, numbers and symbols.

3. Account type can be "Seller" or  "buyer". Seller accounts have some additional tools throughout the website. In the future we will add another seller type which will be able to sell their products online by having their own online market.

4. This is one of the benefit that you will receive by having a "seller" account. Enter your company name or any public name that will easily remember by your customers or clients. You can promote your goods with this website address and your customers can directly finds you and your products in the website.

Step 4

Fill up your details

Step 5

You will see this massage when your registration is successful.

Step 6

Check your email inbox for a verification link. Click on the verification link.

Step 7

This link will open up your default web browser and displays the following message.

Step 8

Now you have successfully created your new account on Nilmanel Srilanka website. Now you can Sign in to your Nilmanel account and Post a new Ad. You will also receive an email confirming your account activation. 

Video walkthrough- Introduction

Introduction Video