Post an Ad with automatic registration


Now you can post Ads in less than 30 seconds due to this automatic registration. This option basically creates an account automatically and send you the login username and password to your email. 

Step 1

Click on "Post an Ad" button in the right hand top corner of the website.

Step 2

Then Choose your category and subcategory relevent to your Ad and click next. Then fill all the nessassary details regarding your listing. 

Fill Common details regarding the Ad

Fill Location details and Add photos/videos

Step 3

If you already have an Nilmanel account enter your sign in details or Enter your name and email address in Sign up section.


If you didnt had an Nilmanel account then when you entered your name and email, it will automatically create an account for you. Your username and password will be sent to the email you entered in step 3. 

Video walkthrough- Introduction

Video walkthrough available soon